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A movie about Mary the Mother of Jesus is due to be released soon. At the same time I heard some rehashed objections to the Virgin Birth. So the timing seems right for another post!

Did God know how much controversy He would stir with the story of the Virgin Birth? Could He have left that bit out of the Bible? Didn’t He know our scientific minds wouldn’t accept the notion that a Virgin could give birth to the Son of God? The answer to all 3 questions is “yes, yes, yes.” So why did God do it?

The naysayers’ argument is that God didn’t do it. God isn’t miraculous and isn’t involved with miracles, so they think. The New Testament writers inserted this story later. My question to the skeptics is this: to what purpose?

If you were a speech writer for the Messiah and wanted to get your man elected, the last thing you would want to do last minute is to claim your candidate was born of a Virgin. I mean, who with brains would think that claim helps get votes from ordinary people? It is scandalous.

The skeptics’ argument that the New Testament writers invented the Virgin Birth is flawed on so many levels it’s easier to poke a stick at it than swiss cheese! Let’s talk about the Virgin Birth, then answer the essential question: “why?”

First, let’s be honest with all the perverts who imagine God had sex with Mary. If Christians believed that God had sex with Mary, then by definition she would no longer be virgin. This is NOT what Christians believe, despite a misguided group of religionists who actually teach this. Luke the physician, who presumably understood gynaecology, recorded: “The Holy Spirit will come upon you [Mary], and the power of the Highest will overshadow you; therefore, also, that Holy One who is to be born will be called the Son of God.” (Luke 1:35). Christians believe that God germinated Mary without any sexual contact. Since God germinated the earth with life and invented reproduction, I find no contradiction that He would use His own system to bring His Son to earth. It would not have made God’s story more credible if His Son had floated down on a cloud or came off a spaceship. The biological delivery is far more consistent with the Nature of the Creator, the Begetter of Biology. Tick one.

Second, let’s be reasonable with the people who think the Virgin Birth defies science. It does not. Can a virgin give birth today? Absolutely! It’s called “in vitro fertilization” (IVF). There are real couples today who cannot have their own children, so they employ a medical clinic to mix their sperm and egg and artificially inseminate a surrogate mother. The surrogate mother can offer her womb to nurture the child and deliver the child 9 months later. Suppose the “infertile” couple were white and the surrogate mother were Asian, when the Asian mother gives birth, will the child look Caucasian or Asian? Caucasian, of course, even though she is Asian, because the genetic information came from outside of her. This is a parallel to what happened to Mary. She was a virgin selected to be the surrogate mother of God, and when Jesus was born, He did not look like her, but looked like God the Father! God just had this technology 2000 years before we did. Tick two.

Third, let’s be accurate with researchers who think history used to be more mythical. A secular writer claimed that it used to be common in ancient times to claim that people were born miraculously, such as by the sun falling into the ocean or a thunderbolt striking the earth. Only if your name was Pharaoh or Alexander the Great. Yes, men of means, power or influence sometimes made grandiose claims backed up by a military force that would kill you if you disagreed. But not ordinary people who were subjected to torture and execution for believing a baby with no political connection was born of a Virgin.

Skeptics fail to grasp the Gospel writers were making historical claims that were tested on the spot, with their blood and their children’s blood! Hardly the case of Alexander the Great and other megalomaniacs. This secular writer makes a slight of hand trick with an invidious, dissimilar, un-analogous comparison.

The Gospels are not myths, but historical accounts of eyewitnesses who were willing to die for what they saw and heard. There may be many who are willing to kill to sustain a myth, but nobody is willing to die for a known lie. Mohammed taught others to die for his myth, but he himself would not sacrifice his life or his pleasures for a known myth. Christians were different. The history of millions of martyrs who gained nothing from believing a scandal proves it. Tick three.

Now for the why. The most interesting part of the Virgin Birth is missed by the naysayers because they get caught up with trying to “outsmart” God in what is essentially His domain: biology and history. He knows more about biology than all the biologists in the world combined. He also knows more about history – world history and your history – than any of us can remember. Once we pass that hurdle of trying to outsmart God, we can be humble enough to learn from His smarts. His wisdom decided on the necessity of the Virgin Birth. You will be greatly surprised to find out why. That will be the subject of my next post.

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Have you met anyone who opposes the Virgin Birth?
What other arguments have you heard against “miracles”?


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