Steve Cioccolanti’s Book Review of “A Guide to the Americans” by author Stephanie Faul


Precise and concise summary of American culture. Many of America’s critics have never stepped foot into America. They should read this book first. Author Stephanie Faul obviously has.

Having lived in the United States for about 10 years, I found a lot of her statements to be true and familiar:
“Walking is un-American – unless it’s for exercise.”
“American shopping malls… are palaces of consumerism.”
“The Americans are great believers in giving people a second chance…they are a forgiving lot.”
This aptitude to forgive attitude is a byproduct of two solid centuries of Christian influence.

You can see the effect of Christianity upon Americans in another statement: “They are generous to charities, kind to animals, and concerned about the welfare of the poor; 65% of households give money to charitable organizations and around 60% of adults volunteer their time.” This is a description of Christian revival and “church culture” pervading even unchurched Americans, quite uncommon in non-Christian countries.

I smiled a lot at the wit of this book. I will read other Xenophobe’s Guides to compare if they are as good as the Americans.

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