Men in Black 3 – The 3 Essential Elements of a Good Story


Went to see Men in Black 3 yesterday. I expected quality Hollywood entertainment and was not disappointed. Will Smith performed well alongside his new acting partner Josh Brolin, who played the role of younger Agent K. There was humor, even a tear-jerking moment. They kept a good twist for this third installment. (I won’t be the one to give it away and spoil it for you.) Listen for the closing song: Pitbull’s “Back in Time” remake of Mickey and Sylvia’s “Love is Strange,” a fun song originally and cool as a rap remix.

Like all truly universally good movies and messages, it contains the essential elements of the Gospel:
1) good overcoming evil in the end (yes, it’s predictable, but so are non-Hollywood movies. Their “alternative” is nothing flash… they simply have somebody good dying or losing at the end),
2) faith – somebody has to trust another somebody whom most people would think ridiculous to believe in. This is the essential element of a good story, faith in somebody! In this movie the Colonel had to trust these agents from a super secret organization which exists to stop an alien invasion. Come to think of it, it’s kind of cool to believe in Jesus whom many other refuse to believe in. It’s cool to believe Someone whom most people think ridiculous to believe in, but He turns out to be the Hero.
3) sacrifice – a story without sacrifice just isn’t a good story. Somebody has to pay the price for our freedom. You guessed it, that’s Jesus! Like in this movie, most of the world is completely oblivious to the person who sacrificed to save the world for them. People go on living without realizing who has done so much for them, while a select few is in the know.

Christians, we believe the greatest story ever told, we know the greatest secret ever kept, and we have the greatest Hero who ever lived and gave His life for the world!

YOUR COMMENTS: What other movies or stories you know follow the Gospel script?
Is your life following the Gospel model?

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