Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job (or More Sales)


If you’re landing job interviews or given opportunities to present a marketing pitch, but you don’t land the job or close the deal, it may or may not be your fault. However, if it happens often enough, you might want to look at your communication skills.

For Job Interviews
1) Don’t over-pitch or over-sell yourself. Under-selling sometimes works better. It’s much like dating, either the person likes you or they don’t like you. You don’t want to try too hard to persuade someone to like you. So relax! Your record speaks for itself. This gets easier as you have more a record to show. When you’re fresh out of college/ university, this is harder to do.

2) Skip all the cliches. People use cliches because they don’t know what to talk about. You know what they are, “I’m highly motivated. I’m willing to learn anything. I can use Word, PowerPoint, Excel.” Do you really know the company and its vision? Do they know what they want? If so, talk about why they’re great. If not, why are you at the interview?

3) If you have to boast, let others do it for you. Don’t say unless asked, “I achieved these sale results, I can perform this task, etc.” Instead tell the interviewer, “People seek me to solve this problem (e.g. fixing their computers, cars, plumbing). If you need this problem solved, I’m the man or woman for you.” If you don’t fix problems, there is no reason to hire you.

If you have achieved something impressive, don’t say, “I’m the best or the top.” Instead say, “My school, university or company recognized me with such and such award.” “My book is now on the New Yorks Times bestseller list or is being used as a standard manual for teachers, missionaries, social marketers, etc.” God wants you to be fully employed and productive! Don’t let communication skills hinder you!

What to do while you are looking for a job or in transition?
Don’t spend 8 hours a day searching the internet.

1) Get out more. Go to church regularly. Go to life group or cell group more. Why? Because you’ll meeting employed people who can refer you to their bosses or companies. Make friends in church, don’t just show up.

2) Volunteer. Ask what you can do to serve your church while you have the extra time. Don’t squander precious time. When you get an interview, they will ask what you have been doing. If you’ve been surfing the internet for 8 months, that won’t sound as good as you’ve been volunteering in the multimedia team or children’s ministry. You might end up getting a job in child care or a technology firm. Your volunteer experience will give you new skills and be valuable to you and your future employer.

Matthew 6:33 says if you seek FIRST the kingdom of God… all these things will be ADDED to you – that includes interviews, jobs and business opportunities! Put His business first, and He’ll put your business first.

COMMENT PLEASE: Did I miss some good tips for job interviews?
What other communication lesson has proven effective for you?


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