Why I Started a Blog


These are my thoughts inspired while I travel around the world (40 countries and counting). I travel for ministry, missions, humanitarian aid, adventure, fun and sometimes… to do nothing at all… except write.

My intention is that my children will read my public diary one day and enjoy the wisdom and experiences I gathered on my journey with God through life.

You who follow my Blogs get to enjoy how I raise my two kids and what I consider important in the process of growing up into people who please God.

YOUR SAY: Do you have a Blog and if so why did you start writing one?

  • jonathan tay

    Thanks, brother, for keeping touch through another form of social media. I hope, God willing, to start one in the near future as an additional channel of reaching out to friends, God’s family members and loved ones round the world. Keep well, Pastor, and the Lord’s richest blessings be with you forever.

    • http://Cioccolanti.org/ Steve Cioccolanti

      Let us know when you start your blog. I’ll check it out!

  • Nancyng

    Thank you for starting this blog. I enjoy learning and gaining wisdom through your experiences.  Your blog make for interesting reading ..it shows how we can bring Christ into our daily lives.  It is a good mentoring tool too. Your daughter reminded me to Praise, promise and petition..clever little girl!!!

    • http://Cioccolanti.org/ Steve Cioccolanti

      I’ll keep more coming, Nancy!
      Nice to see you visiting this new social media tool. Please share with your friends who could benefit :)