Science and Life



I am not a scientist by profession, but I did study university level chemistry and biology, finishing top of both classes. Science, if it is honest, is just one way of studying what God has made. It helps us know God more, but it is certainly not the only way of looking at the universe or knowing God. Even Einstein said, “God is subtle,” meaning God rewards those who think deeply and search for Him diligently. Hebrews 11:6 says “He is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.” As I think about science, I think about God. As I think about God, my ability to reason fulfills its raison d’etre. More thoughts to follow…

QUESTION: What’s your experience with science?
Science is only as objective as the humans involved in it.
What evidences of bias and subjectivity have you personally seen or heard reported in science?

  • Guitarist

    I am passionate about sciences, especially Physics. Being a a graduate engineer I have very much enjoyed the instances in my lectures when I have had a “light bulb” moment discovering a connection between something I have just learnt and God Himself.   I remember one time my Russian physics lecturer was undertaking his explanation of the nature of light.  We got down to the “nitty-gritty” of why light behaved as it did, and then he finally concluded along the lines of, “… but if you really ask me why it happens like this, I don’t know. You probably have to ask the Man upstairs.”

    One of my favourite (and they’re pretty much all my favourite!) thoughts is mulling over how all atoms are consistently vibrating. From gas molecules, to the atoms in my solid table, right down at the atomic level, they’re actually all vibrating (we don’t normally feel it of course).    So it brings me back to the creation of the universe when “…the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the deep.”   The Spirit of God’s oscillations or “vibrations” are what created the earth and things are still shaking since then.  :) 

  • Vincent

    I’m not a scientist by profession either, but as a medical doctor I believe I understand human biology at least, well.  I also love reading about physics, which I see as fundamental to all other fields of science. My conclusion? Science doesn’t explain God, God explains science. While it is not a science text, the Word of God ultimately proves correct in everything it declares. A sincere scientist cannot but agree. Those that don’t have simply chosen not to. The evidence is clear.

  • Dan

    Scientists can discover the laws of physics all they want. But only God can create them!

  • Eugene Tham

    It has become clear to me that there is a bias against the knowledge of God in the academia. Evolution theory is taught as if it is a fact. Although nobody has seen how creatures evolved from 1 kind to another because it’s a process the evolutionist say it takes millions of years, yet they have ironically decided to accept the theory by faith. This fallacy then provided the basis for society to decide on public policies related to abortion, education, family etc that leads to many social challenges that we are facing.