How to Increase Your Productivity: Teach Children to be Clean & Manage Your Emails Better by Steve Cioccolanti

Unclutter Neat Cioccolanti Booshelf

One of my most popular posts was “7 Apps to Go Paperless & Organize Your Life“. Questions about how I work, write books, prepare video messages are not easy to answer. My attempts usually seem to me insufficient. Rather than … [Read more]

Missing Children

Yesterday was the first time since becoming a father that I’ve slept at our home without our two children being present. It was odd to me. I kept looking around for them, expecting to bump into them or thinking I … [Read more]

Two Magic Words

When our children object to our command or ask us a question, we try to answer them with reason. But if it’s followed by stubborn objections or endless questions, we teach our children to say two magic words that end … [Read more]