Boston Bombing’s Link to the End Times


We have another example of what I just wrote about: the Western dominance of “rights” over responsibility. (Read “When Rights Are Wrong” post.)


I was saddened to hear the news of the Boston marathon bombing which injured 176 people and killed killed 3 people, including a beautiful 8-year-old boy Martin Richard (whose mother was injured and sister’s leg was blown off).


American authorities quickly found the perpetrators of the bombing: two Russian Muslim brothers from the Islamist Republic of Chechnya – 26 year old Tamerlan Tsarnaev (dead in a police shootout) and 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (hospitalized and apparently unable to speak). My two comments.


Chechnya and Georgia (along with the other ex-Soviet Union, central Asian states) represent the area of the world which I believe lines up with the “Gog and Magog” of Ezekiel 38. They are enemies of Israel and north of it, as the Bible predicted 3000 years ago. I have been wondering when and how the local Islamic terrorism there will affect the world stage, and it seems to have begun. Watch for more news related to prophecy coming out of the Russian Muslim states and ex-Soviet central Asian states (the ‘stans’ as some call them). I will post end time updates on my youtube channel. Subscribe and view here:


Regarding the surviving bomber, the Obama administration refused to call him an “enemy combatant,” which would have allowed authorities to question him more than 48 hours. This was clearly an act of terror. But because the terrorist has “rights,” that questioning for the truth was curtailed. It is good to be criminal in the Western world, where your rights trump over responsibility, justice and common sense.


Pray for the families of the victims. Only Jesus can give perfect peace in their souls and justice in this world.

  • Nick Gravano

    Most everyone in the United Staes knows this was a staged event like many others to create a military state. The only victims are the numerous suspects that are shot and killed by law enforcement and the citizens that get their door kicked in looking for noone but just geting the public used to our civil liberties taken away. I like to back up my statements with cold hard facts. In addition the United States is the biggest contributer to Islamic terrorism. We placed Saddam Hussein in place. We payed for Al-Qaeda war with Russia for 10 years. We are paying them to fight in Syria right now. Israel has warned the U.S against this because after that they are going to turn on Israel.

    This is shows a U.S lawmaker claiming the bombing was

    This shows the FBI behind terrorist attacks on mainstream